Cupcake Series: Pumpkin Cupcakes

Hello! Yes, yes, I do realize that pumpkin flavored goods are a rather controversial topic this time of year. We have our one camp of enthusiastic pro-pumpkin (spice) everything supporters who will live and die by the pumpkin, and we have our other camp of equally staunch anti-pumpkin protesters who would cheerfully ban all pumpkin products for… Continue reading Cupcake Series: Pumpkin Cupcakes

Matcha Souffle with Osmanthus Creme Anglaise

Hello everybody! For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pausing on my treks about campus every couple dozen feet and sniffing the air like a crazy person. Why? Because it’s osmanthus season, which is apparently a concept that is entirely foreign to most people living around these parts, despite the fact that osmanthus bushes… Continue reading Matcha Souffle with Osmanthus Creme Anglaise

Cupcake Series: Almond Butter + Jelly Cupcakes

Fall is here, which means grape season is also here! Which is wonderful, because who doesn’t love grapes? Nobody.  So considering the ubiquitous love of grapes in the world, you’d expect there to be a plethora of pastries, cakes, and such that feature grape-y goodness. But apparently, as I learned while scouring the Internet for… Continue reading Cupcake Series: Almond Butter + Jelly Cupcakes

Pistachio Rose Trifle

Hello dear friends! It’s been an oh-dear-time-to-clean-out-the-freezer kind of week. Well, that and a take-advantage-of-the-last-of-the-reasonably-priced-raspberries sort of week. And my copious freezer bounty happened to yield, among other things, leftover rose cake and rose creme diplomat, so pistachio rose trifle it was! Trifles are a pretty fantastic make-with-whatever-you-have sort of dessert for the avid baker,… Continue reading Pistachio Rose Trifle