Cupcake Series: Bananas Foster Cupcakes

Hello friends! Hope you all have had a wonderful week. I’ve been spending plenty of time outside in the uncharacteristically toasty February sunshine and getting my daily dose of vitamin D, hopefully sans melanoma risk. (It takes all of about 2 days in a cancer lab to swear off tobacco and forgetting to apply sunscreen… Continue reading Cupcake Series: Bananas Foster Cupcakes

Strawberry Chocolate Layer Cake

Hello friends! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, aka the strange time when strawberries are inexplicably inexpensive during the coldest month of the year (among other things). It’s kind of insane if you think about it. When I was little, I used to make my parents and grandparents read out of the Grimms’ fairytales to me every… Continue reading Strawberry Chocolate Layer Cake

Cupcake Series: Galaktoboureko Cupcakes

Hello friends of the Internet! It’s been a big week for little ol’ me. First order of business… I got a job. (Like paycheck and everything.) (Basically I’m adulting for realsies now.) Fortunately, something positive is finally coming of the veritable ordeal that was the MCAT (aside from, you know, hopefully actually getting into med… Continue reading Cupcake Series: Galaktoboureko Cupcakes

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)

Hello! Now that syllabus week is over, the dust has begun to settle around the chaotic mess of meetings and deadlines that have once again become my life. Fortunately though, new semesters mean new beginnings and also newfound motivation to stay on top of everything – especially emails. (Seriously, look up “necessary evil” in the… Continue reading Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)