Hello! My name is Anne, and welcome to my adventures in the pursuit of dessert!

I am a senior undergraduate student studying Biology and Social Medicine and preparing for medical school. I started baking and dessert-making every couple of weekends about a year before I started blogging, so I’m basically still a toddler in culinary years. But because I learned to be a lot of other things before I learned to bake, I approach baking with the adventurous experimentation and copious margin scribbling of a scientist, the all-in attitude and obsessive perfectionism of a pre-med, and the aesthetic appreciation of a life-long lover of pretty things. And best of all, I get to continue being all those other things while diving into the world of increasingly fancy treats. So while dessert isn’t my full-time obsession, it’s slowly becoming my casual addiction.

I started this blog as a way to share my experiences in finding my way through making Pinterest-worthy desserts as a bumbling novice. I always I find myself reading through a seemingly straight forward recipe only to figure out once I get started that nearly every step is easier said than done. (I’m looking at you, “cut cold butter into small cubes.” Let me just say, literally harder than it sounds.) And because I’m so stubborn, I end up spending way too much time trying to compensate for experience by attacking every problem in 70 bajillion different ways until I get it right (hello, macarons). This is the culmination of all of my seemingly endless oops moments and subsequent very extensive troubleshooting in my quest for pretty things that taste good. At the end of the day, I’m casually addicted to creating desserts because it makes me happy, and I hope that something here will help creating desserts make you happy too.

Happy baking,



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